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 The Daily Salt

Saddle Companions Vol. 2

  Avoiding Satan's Traps

Saddle Companions Vol. 1

    Ridin' for the Brand

The Daily Salt


Saddle Companions Vol. 3

  Are Your Bags Packed


Books, Devotions and Studies

This book is a collection of Short devotions written by some of the folks at Mustang Ministries.

Saddle Companions Vol 1 Riding for the Brand is a short devotional book from Mustang Ministries and was written by Bill Snow, Jr. It compares branding cattle to that of the Christian Life and looks at the the meaning of both the true cowboy and the true Christian

Saddle Companions Vol 2 Avoiding Satan's Traps is a short devotional book from Mustang Ministries and was written by Bro. Marty Roark. It discusses different basic techniques used in trapping for animals and then compares those techniques to how we can sometimes find ourselves in situations we shouldn't be in.

Are your bags packed? Saddle Companions Vol 3 is a discussion based on John 14:6 and was written by Jim Rhea. It covers balance and discusses the principles of Horse/Mule packing showing the importance of preparing for the journey we are all on.  


In Memory of our Great friend Kim Norris.


It was truly a pleasure to get to serve with her while she was with us.

She will be missed.... but for those of us who have made the same decision she did, the decision to put your faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, we will hear her laugh again one day ....and this laugh will be in a place where there will be no more tears and no more pain.

Until then ...Thank you Kim for all you shared with us while you were here! 

On behalf of all of us at Circle G Cowboy Church and Mustang Ministries we want to Thank you for stopping by our products page.

We try very hard to provide quality resources for the Cowboy Church Community that will help them spread the Gospel.

Here you will find Books, Studies and Devotions that have been put together from some of us at Mustang Ministries that we hope will assist you in your Churches, Ministries or your daily lives.

We are currently working on a Men's Bible study called "On the Trail to Godly Men" that should be completed soon.

We are adding resources all the time so check back often or feel free to give us a call to see what else is coming up!